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Limits & Sanctuary

15 week course

Today we contend with impacts of the Great Acceleration amidst an increasingly unstable socio-ecological context. Prior generations fixated on growth and accumulation, yet today many youth in particular are fixated on sustainability, scaling back, and taking lessons from indigenous and anti-colonial perspectives. To proceed we must ask ourselves: What is the consequence of our actions? In this course we will seek to identify socio-ecological personal, local, and collective limitations in order to deepen into places of refuge and creativity there-in. 

This course is geared toward creatives reckoning with their relationship to place, materiality, and voice in this complex time. Together we will examine the implications of a bioregional perspective and consider how we might cultivate socio-ecological literacy through our art practice. We will critically evaluate our relationship to materials in the art making process alongside bioregional investigation and creative expression. 


  • Critically evaluate your relationship to materials in the art making process.

  • Establish familiarity with natural, synthetic, wild-crafted, and recycle-based art materials and practitioners taking up this work locally and internationally.

  • Establish research skills and build local connections relevant to your area of interest as an artist, ecologist, scientist, or social worker.

  • Increased awareness of bioregional history, ecology, and culture to develop a stronger relationship between person and place.

  • Knowledge of the transformative potential of holistic and self-determined approaches to art making.

  • Development of a somatic and intellectually informed perspective on a socio-ecological topic specific to your bioregion.

  • Softening, unraveling, and deepening into relationship to place. Students will cultivate a sense of place the relationship to their bioregion

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