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Sustain(ability) & the Studio course

This course prepares artists and art educators to develop ways of thinking about sustainability. We discuss the implications of a place-based practice and question the function of art to inform what a meaningful practice can entail today. Participants also become familiar with various natural art processes: charcoal, natural pigments, inks and dyes, handmade paper, and recycled materials. Participants pursue their own creative projects informed by course content.

DIY Art Supplies Workshop

In this 3-hour workshop, we will review a variety of approaches and resources to begin the journey of making your own art supplies. Participants will be encouraged to critically evaluate their relationship to materials as art educators. We will consider how taking of the practice of making art-materials can inform how we relate to the world outside of the classroom. In doing so, we’ll take a look at artist educators who make their own art supplies, such as Nick Neddo and companies who provide materials for making your own art supplies as Kremer pigments. Further, we will try out some wild-crafting of our own and discuss opportunities to learn more through organizations such as the Center for Art Education and Sustainability (CAES). 

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